Jim Steg (1922-2001): Woodcuts

Amanda Winstead Fine Art is pleased to present a selection of woodcuts from the 1950s and 1960s by Jim Steg from the estate of the artist. The accessibility of the woodblock printing technique enabled Steg to create a powerful body of work during his many travels.

During the summer of 1958, Steg received a grant allowing him to spend three months living in rural Mexico with his family. The depth and texture of his woodcuts are representative of not only his creative response to Mexican life, but also his technical expertise. Our exclusive offering of his work from this time captures the pleasures of daily village life as well as the struggles of the human condition.

In 1959, Steg was awarded the Carnegie Fellowship and spent the following year living in Rome, Italy. Remarkably, many of his woodcuts from this time are monumental in scale without losing any quality. In addition to serving as a testament to his skill as a master printmaker, these sweeping biblical scenes are reminiscent of the rich culture of the ancient city.